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Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver is a global phenomenon in food and campaigning. During an 18-year television and publishing career he has inspired millions of people to enjoy cooking from scratch and eating fresh, delicious food. Through his organization, Jamie is leading the charge on a global food revolution, aiming to reduce childhood obesity and improve everyone’s health and happiness through food.




In 2001 Jamie left the Naked Chef behind when he set up his first Fifteen restaurant in London, which marked the start of a 15-year journey training disengaged young people for careers in the catering industry. A few years later, he led the call for improved school dinners in the UK, resulting in huge – and lasting – change to the entire school food system. Since then, Jamie’s national and international campaigns have continued to revolutionize the way people feed themselves and their families.


In 2008, Jamie opened his first Italian restaurant in Oxford, UK, with his mentor Gennaro Contaldo. The Jamie’s Italian collection is now known around the UK and internationally with restaurants in countries from Brazil to Bali. His other successful restaurants include Barbecoa, Jamie Oliver's Pizzeria, Jamie’s Deli and Jamie Oliver’s Diner, with locations all over the world. 













The menu at Jamie Oliver's Pizzeria is focused on simple, honest food that makes the most of fresh ingredients and bold flavours – it’s all about celebrating the Italian way of eating. We serve incredible oven-baked pizzas that are loaded with some of Jamie’s favourite toppings, as well as healthy salads and homemade desserts.










Quality is at the heart of all our restaurants – we’re committed to making sure all our ingredients are the best possible quality and produced in a sustainable way. Which means that, when you come in, you can rest assured you’re eating the best produce from local suppliers that we know and trust. 



Your experience at Jamie Oliver's Pizzeria should be a true reflection of everything Jamie stands for – simple, honest and tasty food, created using superbly sourced produce and all at a great price.







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Find out more about Jamie's Pizzeria Budapest, Gozsdu

Find out more about Jamie's Pizzeria Budapest, Gozsdu

Freshly baked, hand stretched sourdough pizza. Simple, sincere & delicious.


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