Child-friendly restaurant: here you can find our menu fog kids!


Kids want food to be delicious, we want them to be healthy

It is always a tough situation when we order food for our kids. We all know when our kids don't want to eat veggies, they hate ingredients what they haven't even tried ever.

Jamie Oliver

Their strict decision can be changed only when we state very serious conditions:


"Desserts are for kids who ate their soups!"

"No play until you finish your dish"


A healthy and various diet is extremely important for kids, to get all the necessary nutrition what are crucial for their development. From their point of view, they want dishes which are delicious.


We at Jamie Oliver restaurants know this thing very well, this is why offer special kids menu in our restaurants. We cook simple, easy-to-have dishes for them from the very best ingredients. situation pasta, meats, and pizzas served with salads and light desserts. These are favourites for our little guests.


The team of Jamie Oliver's Pizzeria 

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Find out more about Jamie's Pizzeria Budapest, Gozsdu

Find out more about Jamie's Pizzeria Budapest, Gozsdu

Freshly baked, hand stretched sourdough pizza. Simple, sincere & delicious.


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